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More roles open for Application

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Hello, as we know, Hidden Developers has a lot of different roles that people can apply and/or grant themselves. I do believe however, that there should possibly be some other roles that could be added. Some could be the following:

  •  Translator (With applications rather than toggling)
  •  Game Tester (Must have experience in Quality Assurance or something of that nature)
  •  Off-Site Game Producer

There could be some other stuff that could be added, but primarily, I think translations on Roblox are very common, as there are even professional team dedicated to such jobs, and I hope it could be added with a mandatory application.

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Translator would be hard, because we would need an application reader who is fluent in every language. Game tester used to have applications, but no longer does because you don't really need to apply for it and was pointless. Off-Site Game Producer would be Off-Site Programmer.

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