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Would you rather.

Would you rather   

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  1. 1. Would you rather.

    • Take 1 million robux straight up
    • Or get 5 million robux but it's given 1k robux at a time weekly.

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Easy answer, average male life expectancy is 76.1 years in the United States.

I am currently 19 going on 20, so lets say I have 56 years left.

Lets assume ROBLOX never dies, and DevEx is constant.

1,000,000R is $3,500 USD.

5,000,000R is $17,500 USD- however, 5,000 weeks exceeds our expected lifetime at 98 years, so lets fix that.
You can get a theoretical maximum of 2,920,000R or $10,220 by the day you die.

Inflation alone would destroy this value proposition. Still not convinced? Lets invest together.

If I were to take my $3,500 today and invest it at a 6% return rate, at the end of my expected male lifetime with no additional contribution I'd have an end balance of $91,452.69 USD.

Alternatively, starting at $350 USD, your minimum DevEx. With a fudged biannual contribution of $350 USD (lets say $175 annually because thats what the calculator I'm using permits), after the 54 years (minus two because you had to get 100,000R in the first place!) of investment, you'd end up with only $73,049.73 by the time you die.

BUT WAIT! We are working with exponentials! What if we take a more aggressive investment plan?

S&P funds list an 11% return rate, let use that!

Take the money now would net me ~$1,200,000 USD by the day I die.

Wait it out would net me merely ~$540,000 USD by the day I die.

And that folks is why wall street bankers are rich. Invest young.


So yeah, easy answer. Take it now.

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The problem for me with getting all of it at once is that I would spend half of it on Rogue Lineage within the first hour. So, I would only get the one-time payout if there was an option to route it through something that would only give me like 3-4k weekly

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