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Guest Developer_Bloxxer

Hiring Builders & Scripters For Camping Inspired Game [R$ & USD]

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Guest Developer_Bloxxer

Camping Inspired Game

Hello! I am Developer_Bloxxer and I'm Creating A Camping Related Game. 

This game will also be similar to Circus Trip. It will be a horror game that is also detailed and long. 

The game will be made in "Chapters" and each chapter will be ~10 Min. There will be several chapters.

I am a trained developer and entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience and I've been programming since I was 6.


The Name Of The Game Is Confidential And Will Not Be Revealed To Even Developers Until The Release.

Anyways, I can make the game, but I need assistance on GFX, Scripting, and Building.


Scripting [USD $5-$10]

I need a scripter to assist me with making the story module. I plan on it being a simple module that can easily be edited. 


Builder [USD $5-$10]

I need the builder to assist me with the main map and the submarine. I expect a simple, low poly design.


GFX [R$800]

I need high-quality thumbnails and icons that have a realistic, but scary look. 


Reply In The Following Format To Be Eligible:

Roblox Username


Job (Scripter, Builder, GFX, etc...)

Examples (2-5 Pictures) (Scripters Link Games)


I'll check daily the replies and decide. Questions? Reply and ask!


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