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Searching For An Investor? READ THIS!! (HD Investment Information)

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I’m continually seeing members trying to find investors, though these members don’t know where to start. Since the removal of the investor channel in the Discord Server, it’s been a bit difficult for members to properly search for investors. 

So, if you’re going to slide into my DMs asking me to invest -- you better read this post first. 



A. Financial Investor is a self obtained role within Hidden Developers. Any member can give themselves this role by going to the cmds channel and typing: ,toggle financial investor

B. It is not currently possible to see a list of all HD Financial Investors. To find one, you will have to start clicking on the profiles of members to see if they have the Investor role. 


The Big Stuff:

When contacting an Investor formality and organization are key. I (The investor) want to be able to easily see all of the facts and figures that curtain to my possible investment. What should you include in your message to investors? Here’s a simple list:

  1. Who you are
  2. A descriptive statement of your project/idea
  3. The Numbers
    1. Current time/work investments
    2. Requested investment with listed currency
    3. The in-depth Asset Allocation plan
    4. Dividend Yielf % / Time Period going back to the investor
    5. Interest Rates if applicable
  4. Testimonials, and development schedule

Always remember, investors do not make donations. We expect you to clearly lay out to us how you will return our investment, and how we will benefit from our investment. By benefit, we don’t mean we want you to explain how our hearts will be in the right place for investing. We want you to explain how we will make back more than we invested.  When messaging an investor, have the facts and figures clearly readable. We don’t want to see images of your work as much as we want to see the number. If you want to supply photos or links to the person you are messaging -- create a google document that contains all of those items and only send one link to the Investor. I don’t have the want or the need to scavenge through ten links to find out all of the numbers.  Once you send your initial message, there is no need to follow up unless the Investor has messaged you back. If an Investor chooses to not message you back, you either made a really bad pitch or they are not in the position to make an investment at that time.  Always be conscientious of who you are messaging. Some members are trusted veterans of either Roblox and or Hidden Developers, other members don’t know shit about business.  


Here are some key terms to understand if you’re going to message an experienced investor. They are likely to use these terms when messaging you: Dividends, Yields, Shares, Expense Ratio, Asset Allocation, Interest Rates, and the Difference between a donation and an investment.

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