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[Open Source] Dynamic Lighting Module

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Hey y'all,


This is something I open sourced on DevForum a bit ago, but I thought I would share it in case it was useful to anyone here.

(If you enjoy please drop a follow on my Twitter xoxo (https://twitter.com/https_KingPie)


This module basically lets you create “Lighting Periods,” specify the beginning and ending times of the Lighting Period, adjust the desired Lighting settings for that period, and let the script take care of the rest.

It is compatible with custom weather scripts and allows you to set lighting settings for those weather periods as well.   

Key features include:

  • Easy set up
  • Auto-synchronization with day/night scripts (automatically adjusts) with auto-calculated tween starts
  • Ability to set up building lights to turn on during Lighting Periods - also supports multi-instance lights
  • Can be run in one line
  • Tween-based
  • and more (read the github page for more detailed features and explanations)


Here's the link to the DevForum page, module, and github respectively:




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