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RoStrap Rippler Help

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Hi! I have been trying to use RoStrap as it is a fantastic tool to make better guis. However, I have a custom button that I want the ripple effect on. My guess is it would use the Rippler feature. I looked at the documentation and it didn’t have any examples of code so I tried my best. I have made a piece of code that creates a ripple just fine. The only problem is it is not contained in just the text button, it goes all over the screen. If you could show me an example of how to set it up correctly that would be great!


local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")

local Resources = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Resources"))

local Color = Resources:LoadLibrary("Color")

local PseudoInstance = Resources:LoadLibrary("PseudoInstance")

local ReplicatedPseudoInstace = Resources:LoadLibrary("ReplicatedPseudoInstance")

local Enumeration = Resources:LoadLibrary("Enumeration")



local PrimaryColor3 = Color.Teal[500] -- This is just a Color3 value

local LoginPage = script.Parent.Login


local Ripple = PseudoInstance.new("Rippler")

Ripple.Container = LoginPage.Login

Ripple.Style = Enumeration.RipplerStyle.Full

Ripple.BorderRadius = 0

Ripple.RippleFadeDuration = 0.30

Ripple.RippleExpandDuration = 0.15

Ripple.RippleColor3 = PrimaryColor3

Ripple.RippleTransparency = 0.6

Ripple:Ripple(0.5, 0.7, 0.15) end)```

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