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What is your gaming device preference?

Console or PC?  

  1. 1. Are you a...

    • Console Gamer (Xbox, playstation, nintendo switch etc.)
    • PC Gamer (Any gaming ready laptop)
    • VR Gamer (Oculus Go, Quest, any portable standalone VR headset)
    • All of these

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Reasons to why PC is superior (and maybe not)

Whether you’re a console or PC/laptop user, there’s a multitude of benefits to both. The Console-PC debate has been around for a millennium, Console is a go-to solution for most casual gamers, the price tag is inexpensive for the hardware it provides, although every-now-and-then Sony & Microsoft release new consoles to the market which makes the longevity of the console in terms of ‘staying up to date’ hard to be on par with. Wireless controllers are more interactive, it’s less of a hassle to setup, controller comes pre-optimized for specifications, but consoles have set limitations by the game developers, there’s weekly/monthly/yearly subscription which can add up over the years, and consoles are ever increasing in price. Consoles may have exclusives, but that doesn’t outweigh any benefits that PC has in return. Speaking of PC, the one ‘major’ disadvantage is the price tag ($$$), it can be fairly expensive to build a PC, while you’ll have to take into consideration how expensive the parts can actually be if you want a decent rig. Usually entry-level rigs can range from 500-1000USD, however, there’s a lot more benefits, such as no subscriptions, it’s completely customizable to your preference, you’re able to opt for higher graphic and spend as much as you want on upgrading, Steam offers discount far superior than any console market shop available, mods (if you’re into it), and much more! All-in-all, whatever suits you should be the only deciding factor for which is better (for you), like modularity & loftier graphics PC is your knight in shining armor, or if you prefer a more ergonomic environment for a lower price w/o a troublesome setup then onward with your noble steed.

Best regards, 

- MakarovManifestation 

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