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Removing #selling? Seriously Headless?

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@HeadlessHorror#0001 Seriously? Selling something is a way to make money, just like doing commissions is. You bring up the point that "In business, you find a client before doing the work" when that simply isn't even true. That's called freelancing, businesses produce products and advertise them, then people interested in them buy them. They don't take surveys of which john smith and maria johnson want a new water bottle, then make it for them and sell it. 

As for the points you made  -
> If it's a pack it's usually going to be re-sold, the seller is required to inform the client of that. If it's a building such as a cafe, maybe a client doesn't want to commission it, then wait until it's done in order to use it? Maybe they just want to get started ASAP? What about commissions we are scammed for? Are we not allowed to then sell those in #selling and at least hopefully make some money off of them?

> Yes, people can resell things. How is removing the channel going to help against that? You can always scam people in a commission and sell something you didn't make, or just resell something you made a while ago for another client with minor changes.

> You are the ones that approve the posts...Make a rule against posts, idk. As for quality, it's up to the user to buy that. Nobody is forcing them to buy these things. It should be their right to see what people are selling and decide ehether or not they want to purchase it.

This is honestly the most BS reason to remove a channel. It's almost as if you're making these changes because you're out of announcements. You're taking away a perfectly fine stream of revenue for many many people who are selling legitimate packs.

And once again, HD starts making changes to ruin their server and make life harder for those who make money through work they find here. Kind of like YouTube...you constantly make this worse and worse until someday it's gonna crash and burn.

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