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What is a middle man. A middle man is basically a person who is trusted by HD to prevent scams. This basically means for the person who is buying/selling to give the middle man the item. And the person who is receive it pays the middle man. After the middle man gives the person who is receiving the item. The middle man pays the seller the money.

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A middleman is used to make sure a transaction takes place so that both sides can guarantee no scams. Usually, the people involved in the business deal transfer all their items/services to the middleman, and the middleman distributes the items as necessary.

For example, a person selling a mesh could be asking for 1,000 R$. The middleman (in this case) would be sent a copy of the mesh file and have 100% access to the funds of 1,000 R$. Then, the middleman would complete the trade by sending the developer the 1,000 R$ and sending the buyer the file of the mesh.

In HD, we recommend you ask a Scam Investigator to be your middleman. They are the most trustworthy and knowledgeable people regarding these types of situations.

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