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Adding Roblox API to HTML

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Hello, I am trying to get the API "https://games.roblox.com/docs#!/Games/get_v1_games_placeId_servers_serverType" for the data "MaxPlayers and Playing" to work using a game instances server "ID".


Using Adopt Me! as an Example, i'd use their GameID (920587237) to grab their games servers, in this case one of the servers IDs are (bf22193d-a2a5-45dc-8986-66362ab0a870), which in returns gives you the max players, and players playing, which is; 48/48, I am wanting to graph something like this in HTML, as screenshotted in the attached file.


If someone can help me figure out how to do this, i'd appreciate it! Thanks!


A more better, yet simple version of the question.

I am wanting to use Robloxs API to grab a specific games, specific servers ID and make it into a "gametracker" like system, where it tracks and updates how many players are online, and available slots on said server.



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