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When is a good age to start to learn scripting?

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I believe it doesn't matter at what age you start, but starting earlier has obvious benefits (more time to learn). Though generally you can understand many more concepts more easily and incorporate mathematics related stuff, the older you are. 

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Hey, I started learning scripting when I was 13 or something (that was 2 years back) , and its worth. I kept in mind about school stuff, but I have noticed that when I learn something from my own interest (before school teaches), I be good at it (eg. I learnt trigonometry from programming a year before school thought me and that's like the only thing where I can  score full without studying). So... yea, as long as you understand basic math, you can learn programming. As you advance in it, you will also learn advanced math stuff (I learnt about standard deviation from python and the school didn't teach me yet)

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