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Roblox "VideoportFrame" Replay System?

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So ever since I first started scripting, I had always been trying to create something like an in-game replay system. The thing that always conflicted me was the fact that the roblox engine simply couldn't handle so many instances through ViewportFrame. Roblox did actually showcase VideoportFrame recently though, a feature that's soon gonna be added publicly within the coming year or so. I'm not sure what exactly we'd be able to do with these frames, I'm wondering if it'll have live streaming capabilities, or simply just be one of those "upload a video to roblox" type things, or linked to YouTube or whatever. What I really want to know is if it will be able to actually capture in-game frames and relay them via function. Of course, if I wanted to take the easy way out I could just use ViewportFrame and make a 10-15 second delay on the frames being replayed and delete the cache right after, but that's not exactly what I've been trying to make.

Essentially what I'm going for is FIFA's Replay System since I've always been scripting for RO-Football leagues. I know I'm definitely gonna have fun messing around with VideoportFrame scripts when it's released.

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