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$$ | Hiring a scripter capable of client-to-client task

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Hello, I need a scripter who can add a new set of entertainment in my game, this entertainment is called "Abilities". My game is a knife game and I want players to be able to have the ability to throw things such as laser knives, deathbeams, etc just like the knife game KAT and Twisted Murderer on Roblox. My game already has a shop and inventory setup for buying and equipping the abilities, but I need someone who can script them so that when a player throws a knife, the knife will have that ability when equipped. 

The ability datastore is not complete, I can direct you on how to complete it. This job requires you to read the games code to understand how certain functions work etc so basically you'll need to comply with the games code and not your own. I need at least three different abilities scripted in as well for players to buy, if you can do this let me know.

Payment: Paypal ($50 USD), Robux (4,000 R$)
I can provide proof of my funds, and other payments to developers if needed.

My contact information is SYNK#1881 on Discord, so feel free to PM me.


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