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[OPEN] Hiring Dev team. (Map Builders)

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DevAlpha Is looking for developers for their new and upcoming game, Project FPS.

The Job.
 We are currently looking for Programmers, builders/modellers, UI Designers and animators. This is a new project which just started, so we need to start from the ground Up.
Programmers to obviously script the game, such as Guns, Menu's and everything else. Builders & Modellers are to Build the Maps (only 2 for now), guns, details etc.  UI Designes are to design the GUI's for the menu, load-out team change etc. Animators are to animate the guns, character movement planes etc.

The Team.

omgmatty_17 Producer & Builder.
xD_anny UI Designer.

evan0960 Programmer.
Mr_Beaver2018 Modeller & Map Builder.

TheAmazingHeavy Modeller
CrystalDragonSkull Animator
No one Map Builder
No one Programmer

About The Game.
We are trying to make a realistic roblox shooter. Inspired by Recoil and Fireteam. (roblox games). It will be an open range shooter game with two teams, Rebels and the other team (idk yet). You can capture different place along the map. Like a town, Gas Station or Airport. Join are discord for way more info. Code =  rcMK4pY83C
We currently have around 1,500 robux with funds, which I understand is not a lot for a big game like this as of this we can also do percentages.  
We are getting more funds in a few months which will boost us to around 5K or more.

Contact Me.
 omgmatty17#3038 on discord.
rcMK4pY83C Discord Server
Or just message me here on HiddenDevs!


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I am cal_thecat and I'll gladly join you as a Builder, GUI and GFX Designer, Music Composer, and Minor Programmer.
My snapchat: aidan_0987
My Email: [email protected]

All of my roblox work will be the links. My soundcloud will also be posted here:

(also by the way, if you look at the URL bar at the top of your screen, you'll see the line "cal_thecat", that's proof that this work is mine.

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