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Chimerical YT Channel

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Hello! I recently started a new YT channel centered around Roblox showcases.

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My idea is to go around showcases of any skill level or design and make videos about them. I feel like they are underrated on Roblox simply because there’s no game element. I love video editing and showcases, so why not combine the two?

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I am looking to get people’s permission to video their projects. The only problem is copyrighted audio, so chances are you’ll probably have to remove the audio for a few minutes (though you might not have to as I can turn the volume down).

You can contact me on the Dev Forum or Roblox. I use Discord but I’m not keen on displaying my username for everyone to see.

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I will probably upload my first video in the New year.

This is a new channel so I can’t promise it will become popular.

I will be speaking in the videos.

The channel is currently called Chimerical but I may change it in the future. I will be adding the link here soon!

Anyone is welcome to contact me as long as it’s sensible. I will not upload a video if you’re project contains potentially harmful words or themes.

Happy Winter Holidays!

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