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Hey, I am making a game, very much like Jailbreak and Mad City and I would like someone who; 


1) Does not need payment for scripts

2) An excellent scripter

3) Is a loyal friend


I basically want someone who does not do this for money and will be my loyal buddy so we can be successful together. 

If you try to get me to cough you up some money, it wont happen, I can promise that. I will only let you have money if you make the game without payment and by the time it is completed, I will pay you about R$600 if it is successful. I may pay you more if it's extra good. 

Bugs will not get in the way of your payment by the end of the creation, we can handle them together. 

Hope you know how to script because this game will not be easy to make. 

Hope we can connect!

My username;



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