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Understanding RemoteEvents

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Hello! I realized that remote events are hard for some people, and I wanted to clear the air that remote events are pretty easy!

What are remote events? Games with Filtering Enabled, don't have access to a lot of things on the client side, so we have to use remote events to tell the server when to do something, like change a name of a text button!

If you want more information, try checking out ROBLOX's article here

First, let's create a remote event in replicated storage: 


Now, let's create a local script, and put it in StarterGui:


In this script, you would usually put things before it, like loading client information, but we will keep it simple.

print("OurEvent is about to fire!")
print("OurEvent has has fired!")

What this does is when we say "game.ReplicatedStorage.OurEvent:FireServer()" we say "Hey, we would like our RemoteEvent to run that's in replicated storage."

Let's create another script, but this time, a regular script in ServerScriptService:


Now, in this script, ask the server to tell us when we fired our event.

-- put code to do after the event has fired

I hope this improved your knowledge on RemoteEvents, these are the very basics, but I hope you learned something new!

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