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Suggestion : New role/role change [READ]

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11/4/2018 : Rewrote entire forum 



Add an artist role for the Discord or changed the graphics role name to artist.



Hello my name is Crovw and I am an artist and I'm here to state my case on how I feel as though regular artist are poorly represented on the HD Discord. The graphics role is more often than not a misleading role that makes people believe that those whom own the role simply do things like traditional GFX. However the graphics role is the only role remotely close enough to represent someone being a possible artist. I get contacted constantly by people who ask me for traditional GFX which is not my field of work and it's extremely bothersome. I just want a clear way to openly show people what my field of skill is, like everyone else. Graphics simply does not make people think "oh hey that person draws art". I know artist like me are not swarming the Discord but none the less we deserve a proper role to showcase what we do. I am putting my foot down and asking you please to take the time to consider this. It would not add upon that much extra work flow to moderators for it won't be asked for as steeply as a role like builder or scripter. I mean if you look at the applications there is even a certain role just for voice actors, which I hardly see around but respectfully have a role to best suit them so I do not see why an artist role would be deemed unacceptable. I know I will struggle to gain attention from people due to most people simply having no concern for things unless it personally effects them. But please even if you're not an artist try to see things from my side. It's frustrating to feel like you're the odd man out among everyone. I am new to HD but I have seen a few artist here and there and I am sure the role would be appreciated by some. The other alternative is to simply rename the graphic role to artist instead of adding a new role completely. In doing so that would cover a much more broad range of people such as myself and it would stop people from assuming every one with the graphics role do GFX work. Now here is a big kicker for my argument why the graphic role is not proper for us artist and why it is suited more for GFX only, I applied originally for the graphics role and WAS DENIED. Here is why " Declined, while these are good drawing they aren't what we are looking for for this role.  We are looking for primarily Roblox related GFX." This props that even moderators or application readers often do not deem artist to fit under the category of graphics. I had to reapply and thankfully I was approved the second time around. Please support this suggestion and up vote if you are willing. Some may argue this is unnecessary or that graphics properly covers enough but again if you look at the application there are plenty of pretty distinctive roles available so that people have the proper range of things to pick from. I have always took a stand to support artist wherever I go for constantly I find artist to be neglected or forgot in the mix of things. Thank you for anyone whom took time of their day to read this. I had posted a shorter and less structured version of this forum and felt like it simply did not do my cause enough justice so I have spent the time to redo it. 


Also shout out to Ankur_007 whom suggested the renaming the graphics role as a potential solution. 



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Adding a new role might mean more work for the Moderators and Hidden Developer's staff and them having their own work, I suggest changing the name of Graphics to Artists, thus providing a broader meaning to it and not making a huge difference.

Don't hate on me 

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