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Realistic Style [GFX]

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Hello, i'll be showing you in this thread how to make a Realistic Character in Cinema 4D

So first you setup the C4D And insert your character.

I'll be using a character that has no Texture (I'll be making a texture for it)


After that you will have to check the Reflections, then delete the default settings.


Then you have to add a GGX and change the Attenuation to Additive


You can edit the settings how you like but my personal choice is making the Reflection Strength to 50% But yea it's your choice after all

Then, You will need to add a lightroom you go to File -- Merge -- And add your Lightroom


Then do a test render to check how it looks, 

6.PNG.885d42997e34a7cb71a2316208a31ef3.PNG This is how it turned out for me (I added some physical Sky for it for better quality)

You can check this video for more help



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It's not exactly the most helpful when you say "You will need to add a lightroom" when most people really either don't know what the heck a lightroom is or just don't have one. Additionally, lightrooms do decline on realism as nothing in the real world is hardly evercompletely lit up, most things have a shadow of some sorts. Also, maybe specify what color you changed the material to so people aren't confused. But hey, this is just my opinion.

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Just wondering if there is another way aside from this that does not use Blender?

I would love to bump my work up to this level but at the point and time I am unable to use the software blender, is there another software or method that can get these same or close to same results. Thanks so much.

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